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Tights and Tiaras is a fast-growing blog touching any subject relating to dance, with a certain emphasis on ballet. Written by a professional, male dancer, it provides a unique insight to the every-day life of a male ballet dancer, but also tips, resources, reviews, comments, guides and much more to anyone interested in dance. Earlier, all publications on dance has always been “for specially interested” people. Tights and Tiaras is not. We reach out to anyone interested, not only those who are already “in the loop”.

If you are interested in placing an advertisement on Tights and Tiaras, please write owner and author Henrik Lamark, and he will send you our media kit and recent usage statistics. For product reviews, please see our terms.

Tights and Tiaras vision is to “spread the word” on ballet to the world. Our readers span from professional dancers, educated teachers and people from the administrative side of the world of dance, to amateur students and the audience of dance. Our typical reader has more than the average passion for dance and movement. Now, you might think this limits the blog to a small amount of readers? You would be wrong. Thanks to television-shows, movies and other factors, dance is increasingly popular all around the globe, and Tights and Tiaras readership just keeps growing with the interest.

The proof-badge given to Tights and Tiaras, after winning the "Top Dance Blog 2010" competition in December, 2010.

The badge given to Tights and Tiaras, after winning the "Top Dance Blog 2010" competition in Dec, 2010.

In the end of 2010, readers voted in the biggest competition online in our niche, naming the “Top Dance Blog 2010″. I am proud to say Tights and Tiaras came out with more votes than any other dance blog in the competition, and therefore can call ourselves the Top Dance Blog of 2010


See some of the great testimonials Tights and Tiaras has received from dance professionals, readers, other bloggers and audience here!

We are confident you will be pleased should you choose to use Tights and Tiaras to promote your product or company. Contact webmaster Henrik Lamark for further information

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Vicki March 26, 2011 at 4:49 pm

Hi Henrik:

Congrats on all of your succes – on stage and online. I try to make time to read your blog as much as I can.

I eventually want to turn Rogue Ballerina into a hosted web site and add advertising. Could you send me one of your media kits, so I can see what all that would entail?

I’d love any advice on how to build my blog, stay motivated, find more topics, not get burned out, etc.

Much love,



Henrik March 27, 2011 at 11:32 am

Thank you, Vicki!!
I will e-mail you about the media kit!


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